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good morning :]
what a great day !

she called me ! my ipod is found !
i´m so glad to hear that.
yesterday i was really shocked, my iopd was gone, nowhere to find.
fuck that i thought, that isn´t real, is it?!
i lost my ipod, my lovely pink ipod, because of the great nervousness before i pass my karate examination. oh my god, it was so horrible.
my knees and my fingers were the whole time shivering . . .
of course the examination was not flawless but it was okay.
it was really hard because it last over 2 hours.
It was a doozie!
i really hope that betti & i are allowed to take the examination to the first DAN, in a year.
->it´s our dream to pass that together

i´m really pissed because the last time i saw elias my boo > two weeks ago?! two weeks !! damn . that sucks !
i know he was working the whole time and i was on 2 training camps but it could have worked if he would really like to see me.
nevertheless, i will see him tomorrow. <3

Today ? well today i will buy some meters scrim .
Sarah my honey will sew me a shoulder bag.
devilish cool !

Well, blow me down!
Mr. & Mrs. Knödl drive to Crete !
alone 1 week ! without my parents :]
 I never thought that my parents would allow that, man alive !
i´m only sixteen, and he is twenty.
i´m so exciting !

see ya .


31.8.07 11:17

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